Be able to toast good health this holiday.

Whether you’re traveling or staying in, staying healthy over the holidays can be a tricky goal. With New Year’s resolutions around the corner, many people feel that they’ll have a clean start soon: but the truth is the sooner you start and continue small, easy changes the more success you’ll have.

Stay Healthy:

1) Everyone knows that holiday treats are a temptation, and they’re certainly fine in moderation, just don’t throw healthy eating out the window! Before you hit the dessert table, start with some veggies, mini carrots, peas, or broccoli, and try a glass of water before that big holiday feast to keep your appetite in check.

2) Just because you’re on vacation, don’t forget to exercise! You don’t have to hit the gym, or wake up early, either. Take a walk after dinner, many find that moderate exercise aids digestion. Other #SneakyExercise tricks include helping with holiday decoration, baking, and playing with kids who are on winter break.

3) Get enough sleep! Whether you’re stressed, sleeping on your aunt’s couch, or have noisy house guests, make an effort to sleep well. It may make the biggest difference in your health this holiday.

4) Stock up on MesoSilver to support your immune system throughout the holidays, and the year. Whether it’s weakened by stress, unhealthy eating, or the germ-assault of holiday crowds and guests, a little extra support is more important now than ever.

5) Worried about flu? Keep the tea (or pressed-coffee) flowing. The steam from your kettle slows flu transmission.

Of Course, Health Is Tempered By Safety:

1) People are being targeted for their cell phones, especially if they’re new models. Be aware of your surroundings, and how you’re using your cell phone—don’t get too distracted!

2) Drive carefully, especially if you’re going across the country. Remember the above tips about sleep and healthy eating to keep yourself going, and follow these tips for driving on snow & ice.

What are your winter health tips?


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