Woman With FluWe’ve had a blissfully mild flu season this year, (although there have been plenty of other problems to go around, including sinus infections from dry weather and travel, massive stomach flu outbreaks, and mosquito borne illness if you’ve traveled anywhere warm). But we didn’t get the horrible flu season that was predicted, and that’s a good thing.

Still, flu season lasts until somewhere in March – June, and experts say that sometimes, a mild flu season can have a big peak in the second half (meaning right now!). It makes sense when you consider all the holiday travel (mixing and spreading germs), depressed immune systems from holiday shopping, working, and everything else, and of course seasonal depression (especially if you’re somewhere that has really short days and you’re really starting to miss the sun as you look forward to spring).

All that to say: hope for the best, plan for the worst. Continue to enjoy the mild flu season, but make sure you have lots of immune support on hand in case the flu (or just a cold!) catches up with you (and maybe save some sick days, too).

How can you boost your immune system? Continue to get enough sleep, good nutrition, some exercise, de-stress, and given yourself some extra support with colloidal silver!

Will flu season go out with a bang? Hopefully not. Unfortunately, even if it doesn’t, allergy season, head colds, walking flu and more are just around the corner—so it’s always good to be prepared!

How is your winter going?


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