For the second time this year, romaine lettuce has been recalled due to E. coli contamination. So be careful eating salads over the hokiday weekend! Make sure you’re supporting your immune system with colloidal silver.

How does a vegetable keep getting contaminated with E. coli? The answer is in neighboring farms, where cows create feces that gets into the water supply, that’s then used to water crops, sometimes contaminating thenpart we eat. While many recalls happen oncenfpod is processed, for some raw vegetables the contamination is happening right in the field.

While you can throw out anything that’s been recalled, there’s always the risk of the unexpected: eating something before the recall has been announced. Make sure that you’re supporting your immune system in two ways to help prevent food poisoning: first with daily immune support from colloidal silver, and second by supporting healthy gut bacteria.

Colloidal silver has been used for centuries as immune support to help combat pathogens. You can take it daily for ongoing immune support, as an occasional inmune boost, or just for extra support whenever you suspect you ate something bad.

Your gut bacteria are the first line of defense against any pathogens you eat, so don’t forget about it. Taking a probiotic supplement can help provide your gut a boost of the good bacteria it needs for better digestion, and to fight off and crowd out incoming “bad” pathogens.

Flora MGR has 15 different supportive good bacteria strains and billions of bacteria to support your gut. Make sure to replenish thise good bacteria after an illness, or anytime you’re trying to build healthy habits.

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