It’s only March but there’s already a lot going on this year. Cold and flu season is extended and severe, bird flu is spreading again, and summer illnesses like Listeria are starting early. Make sure that you’re stocked up on immune supporting colloidal silver and ready for anything that comes next.

Cold, flu, strep, stomach flu, sinus infections and more have been circulating and hitting hard this year. Communities are issuing warnings, headlines are still full of the more severe cases, and you should be on the lookout for early symptoms. A twitch in your throat, fatigue, loss of appetite, congestion, a sudden shift in your stomach, and it’s time to head it off. Sleep a little more, make sure your next meal is healthy, and get a little immune support from colloidal silver.

With both viral and bacterial stomach flu churning through restaurants, ready made food, and people at once, you should be prepared for the possibility of a sudden gastrointestinal illness. Supporting your gut with a regular dose of probiotics is a good way to keep it strong, and offers other health benefits, too. But if you do end up thinking something’s up, head it off as soon as possible with some colloidal silver for immune support.

Just around the corner will come allergies, head colds, and other summer ailments. Cold and flu season can last until June, so expect some overlap. Congestion, from colds and other illnesses, raises the risk of secondary illnesses, like a sinus infection. Infection can spread from the sinuses to the throat, lungs, and cause nausea. Anything you can do to stay on top of symptoms can help contain illness, so stay home, rest, and recuperate!

And you never know what’s coming next, so keep your immune system up with healthy habits (exercise, diet, sleep) and supporting supplements like colloidal silver.

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