Empty Hospital RoomHospitals are a health risk all by themselves, just being a patient carries a about a 10% risk of infection, and about .5% risk of death. That’s independent of what you’re there for, those numbers are much, much higher if you’re in the ICU, elderly, or having surgery.

And they’re probably underreported. It’s known that doctors rarely list superbugs as cause of death, and instead list the indirect cause (you’re in the hospital after a car accident, contract CRKP—antibiotic resistant pneumonia—and die, they say you died of your accident injuries even if you’re recovering).

Here’s the part that’s really offensive, the victim blaming. Statements about how the indirect cause is the correct thing to blame, because if they hadn’t needed to be in the hospital, then they wouldn’t have caught a superbug. Basically, it’s your fault you got a superbug for needing to visit the hospital! That’s certainly not the best PR, especially when most hospitals are run as businesses.

The good news is hospital acquired infections go way down with a few simple policy changes, things like picking a policy to enforce hand washing, reducing soft materials and replacing/coating solid surfaces with nano silver. Some of those lessons (like hand washing) can be applied at home, too.

Here’s the take away: your immune system strength plays a big role in your risk for superbugs. Eating right, exercising, and lowering stress. You can also get immune support from supplements like colloidal silver. (Or try a superfood supplement to enhance your diet, like Blu-Lina Organic Spirulina, or our Longevity Formula).

And of course, you shouldn’t avoid going to the hospital any more than normal (and the normal amount is just self-care and caution!).

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