Internal Strength ConceptZika is dominating the headlines, and it will continue to be a risk until the first frost. Then, cold, flu, and Norovirus will take over. Make sure that you’ve got daily support with colloidal silver.

What’s new with Zika? A few things: just like ebola, testicles and eyes stay infected indefinitely—that means that the risk of transferring infection remains high (eyes/tears might be the vehicle of transmission for the “mystery” case in Utah). And mixed news about the mosquitos that carry it: while many states/counties are finding them, most aren’t testing positive for Zika.

With flu just around the corner, recommendations for the flu vaccine are in flux. It doesn’t last forever so getting it early can be just as bad as getting it too late. For those who want it, it will work better if they pay attention to the weather (flu follows the weather, and usually arrives in the NorthEast first).

And while Norovirus may spread with the cold, there are still plenty of Listeria recalls going on (which grows in summer warmth). Listeria is a disease that hits people with weakened immune systems much harder (you can avoid it by avoiding pre-made food).

So, keep your immune system strong. During winter, getting a little more sunlight boosts Vitamin D, leading to a better immune system, better mood, and more. Exercise helps, too. Almost every disease you can think of can be prevented by a little moderate exercise each day.

Then there’s nutrition—calories may control your weight but nutrients impact your health. Getting enough means a better reservoir for your body to perform maintenance, heal, and age. A daily multivitamin is good for pretty much everyone.

For another boost, get some colloidal silver into your daily routine. Use it as armor against the unexpected, support against the chronic, or your secret weapon at the first twinge.

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