First, the good news: no one in the US has tested positive for Ebola since the outbreak a few years ago. But here’s the bad news: watching for an Ebola outbreak is the new reality. As Ebola rages in the Congo, out of control and still spreading, there have been a few travelers who’ve been exposed, and had to be tested and quarantined. While they tested negative, an increase in the number of Ebola cases means there will likely be an increase in the number of people exposed. What’s scariest is that doctors in the region have been having trouble tracking patients, who caught Ebola from whom and where it’s spread.

Keeping an eye on the news is the best first step—not only Ebola, but other ongoing outbreaks (including some in the US) get publicized locally with what places and at what times people may have been exposed. Travelers need to be alert and aware—major outbreaks aside, respiratory illnesses like colds and flu spread readily on planes. Hand washing, immune system support (like colloidal silver) and other basic self-care go a long way. Before heading off somewhere, be sure to check the local news of your destination. The internet gives you targeted information (whether you’re on Google, Facebook, or other platforms) and something out of the ordinary like an upcoming vacation destination might not pop into your online bubble.

As viruses become more common, self-care becomes more important. Keep your immune system strong with good habits like setting aside enough time to sleep, eating healthy foods, drinking lots of water, and making moving around a priority throughout your day. You can boost and support your health with things like daily multivitamins, or immune system supporting colloidal silver.

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