Enjoy the Warm Weather without the Smell


It’s still winter, but warm days and nights are popping up more and more. Keep your shoes and home smelling fresh with Smelly Shoe Spray.

At this time of year, it can be easy to overdress and end up warmer than you want… which can lead to smelly feet. Or to leave your heater on an unexpectedly warm night and have everyone sweat. Cut back odor quick with a burst of Smelly Shoe Spray. Not just for shoes, it’s an easy way to stop odor in pet beds and other stinky household linens between washings.

Smelly Shoe Spray works with simple, recognizable ingredients. Unlike other products, you’re not coating your house in chemicals with unknown long term effects or that you probably shouldn’t be breathing or rubbing on your skin. Smelly Shoe Spray has two parts: peppermint (in oil) for a quick burst of freshness to help immediately mask odor, and colloidal silver (nano silver in water) to help fight the pathogens that cause odor.

Like anything, do a test patch to check for discoloration before spraying—some materials shouldn’t be treated with water or oil.

If you know you’re going to take your shoes off at someone’s home, bring some Smelly Shoe Spray with you (or leave some at your own front door). Pack it on vacation to keep the dirty clothes you bring home in check, or to keep your camping gear fresh. Or just use Smelly Shoe Spray around the house for a quick fix.

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