Pool BarbecueLabor Day is this Monday for Americans, and that means pools are closing, weather is getting colder, and fall is almost here.

It’s time to switch gears and start thinking about fall and winter activities, as well as gear up for cold and flu season.

Hopefully this year’s cold and flu season is mild, and it won’t slow us down as we enjoy all our favorite winter activities.

First, be prepared. Here in Denver, we’ve already got rainy, cold fall weather. We’ve dug out the warm blankets, and our humidifiers are running to keep the flu at bay (actually, we run humidifiers year round because it’s dry here). We’ve also got enough colloidal silver on hand to get the whole family through a bout of flu—do you?

Then we’re getting excited for fun fall and winter activities. The mountains are a great place to go hiking and watch the leaves change color. And soon enough we’ll have snow for sledding, skiing, and epic snowball fights.

Winter is an important time to stay active and healthy. It’s easy to sneak in exercise during the summer when it’s warm enough to walk to lunch, but during winter it’s easy to get housebound. Not exercising and not getting some sunlight can increase feelings of seasonal depression (not to mention you won’t get the bazillion other benefits that come with regular exercise).

We’ll have lots of tips in the coming months for staying active and happy during cold winter months, but it all begins with staying healthy. You can’t exercise when you’re coughing, running a temperature, or can’t breathe from congestion. So if you aren’t already, start supporting your immune system with colloidal silver now, and have a few extra bottles on hand for the rough patches that cold and flu season will inevitably bring.

Have a great weekend everyone, and enjoy the last few weeks of warm weather!

What are your Labor Day plans?


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