Almost everyone experiences some degree of allergies. It’s not just a reaction to pollen, ragweed, and fresh cut grass, after all, it can be a reaction to road pollution, fires burning nearby, or other environmental toxins that spread easily during hot summer months. Here are some ways to cut back on your allergy exposure, and to stop allergy symptoms so you can function.

Let’s start with becoming functional again. Allergies can interfere with sleep, work, and just enjoying life. Clear out your sinuses so you can breath not by blowing or a quick sinus rinse, but by soaking them with a sinus flood. A sinus flood better reaches your entire sinus cavity than a rinse, and soaks and loosens stuck or dry mucus and whatever is triggering it. Before bed, or before an important day, take a few minutes to use a sinus flood to restore your breathing.

And of course, avoid allergies to begin with.

For serious allergy sufferers, there’s some strategy to cutting back your exposure. First, figure out a layered look for summer. It may be too warm for a jacket, but some sort of removable cover (a scarf? a cardigan?) helps stop you from dragging allergens inside. And make taking off shoes at the door a policy, or you’ll have allergens dragged all over your floor!

Don’t forget to change your filters, and do some deep spring cleaning. For many, the indoors can become the worst source of allergens from built up dust, etc. Clean out the corners, the behinds, and the unders, and do a gentle wipe of walls and ceilings (not just floors!).

Make checking the allergen report a part of your morning. Fires, a boom in pollen, and other events can set you up for a bad day if you’re not prepared.

In other words, fight back against allergy symptoms by clearing allergens off you, and kicking them out of your home. Remove as many sources as possible.

And when you come home, restore yourself to deep, full breaths by cleaning your sinuses with a sinus flooding kit.

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