It’s all over the news: measles and mumps outbreaks are all across the nation. Because there’s a lot of finger pointing, it’s a pretty divisive issue. Here’s some of what you need to know: who’s at risk, what are the symptoms, and how you can help protect yourself from measles and mumps. As with most illnesses, taking daily colloidal silver as an immune supplement is a good first step.

Who’s most at risk from measles and mumps? Some of those infected have been vaccinated, which has caused confusion. There’s a couple of things going on—even if a few people have been vaccinated, the people who have been most affected with the worst consequences have been the unvaccinated. But, now that the outbreak is as large as it is, it does catch some people who received the vaccine. The measles vaccine is 97% effective, so those three per hundred people that didn’t get solid immunity from the vaccine no longer have herd immunity. Still, they likely won’t get as sick as someone who was never exposed to the virus through the vaccine. Other may have had the effects of the vaccine wear off, likely because of other illnesses or immune system problems. The mumps vaccine covers only 88%, leaving a wider range of people at risk.

(Sidenote: unlike the flu vaccine, the measles vaccine covers all strains, the strains aren’t different enough to matter for that, they only matter for tracking the illness).

What are symptoms of measles? Most people know about the spotty rash that’s well associated with measles. The other symptoms are pretty virus-standard: headache, aches, fever, fatigue. What are the symptoms of mumps? Mumps tell-tale characteristic is severe swelling in the face/neck. It also comes with its own scoop of generic virus symptoms—pain, fever, chills, and fatigue.

The best way to protect yourself is to get vaccinated. The anti-vax movement has made some major wins: you can commonly find vaccines without additives like mercury or aluminum now. If you already are vaccinated or absolutely won’t, then pay attention to your local headlines. Avoid places that have outbreaks, see a doctor if you were exposed, and rest and care for yourself as much as your body demands. On top of that, support your immune system with colloidal silver.

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