There are so many factors working against you when you travel. Going somewhere new means encountering new germs that you might not have immunity to, and that’s after you make it through the journey—1 in 5 airplane passengers will get sick with a respiratory illness the week after flying. Luckily, researchers are starting to tear into the ways flying makes us sick.

A new study says leaving your air vent on may help reduce illness. First, it makes things cold and dry, conditions which help prevent sinus infection and general congestion (although it may facilitate flu, so be wary as we enter cold and flu season). The air vent also helps create air movement that may shield you from neighboring coughs and sneezes.

Take that piece of knowledge and combine it with other research about airplane germs: the most touched places have the most germs, including the seat buckle, arm rests, and yes, that air vent control. Wet wipes can help, especially for longer flights where you want to be more comfortable.

Although this is a general life rule, it goes double when traveling: wash your hands frequently, Don’t forget to pack some immune support. Hopefully, a little preparation keeps your trip healthy, and don’t touch your face. During cold and flu season, hand washing is the best prevention.

but if the odds win, having some support can help make a difference. Daily support with colloidal silver is a must for all travelers. Colloidal silver is immune support against all pathogens, perfect for the assault that happens when you travel.

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