Woman In Bikini SummerHeat rash, or sweat rash, AKA miliaria, occurs during the summer—especially if it’s humid, like from a lot of rain. If the weather doesn’t trigger it, a hot shower or some time in a steam room or hot tub might.

It can cause blisters, lack of sweat (If enough skin is affected, you need to watch out for overheating), and can be patchy. (If you have extreme pain, it might actually be shingles).

You can prevent heat rash by keeping cool, keeping skin exfoliated (to keep sweat ducts from getting blocked), and keeping skin clean. Bacteria can also block sweat pores (including a form of staph also associated with acne). Supporting skin with colloidal silver may help!

If you get heat rash, you may already have a way to relieve it: Dakota Muscle Relief. The active ingredient in Dakota Muscle Relief is menthol, which is often used on heat rash to help relieve symptoms. (Note: don’t use on open wounds or young kids/infants). The cooling effect of menthol can be helpful when you’re ready to sleep, and you can help keep yourself dry with baby powder.

It’s another reason to use Dakota Muscle Relief after a hike or a hard game of tennis: to relieve muscle tension, but also to soothe skin. It has a nice peppermint smell that dissipates, rather than an intense medicinal smell, which is a big benefit.

Severe heat rash or one that lasts more than a week warrants a trip to the doctor. While there can be several causes, most clear up on their own, and just need symptom management.

What’s your best home remedy for treating heat rash?


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