Tick Bite


Tick Bite

In 2016, data revealed that Lyme Disease rates had doubled in the prior 15 years, and since 2016, those rates have continued to go up. More patients, in more parts of the US, are being diagnosed with Lyme Disease. And not just Lyme Disease but other tick borne illnesses, too, like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. With Lyme Disease spreading, it’s a national problem.

Lyme Disease is treatable, if you can get a diagnosis. For some Lyme Disease sufferers, it could take a year or more to get that diagnosis and appropriate treatment. If Lyme Disease is new to your area, doctors may go through testing for disease they think are more common, from communicable diseases to cancer.

Lyme Disease symptoms, including joint pain, fatigue, malaise, and possibly (left untreated) organ damage, are similar to many other diseases. Without the clue of a tick bite, it’s unlikely to be the first thing doctors think of. With Lyme Disease spreading nationwide, this means more people are suffering with Lyme Disease symptoms for longer.

Why is Lyme Disease spreading? A combination of factors including mild winters, more humans in and living near wild areas, and ticks spreading with humans and other animals means that ticks, and ticks carrying diseases are making Lyme Disease and other illnesses a national crisis.

Until awareness spreads, it’s important to take charge of prevention and self-care, including spreading awareness and advocating for a proper diagnosis. Avoiding tick bites is step one. Trim yards of long grasses and rock piles that may attract rodents, and create a barrier between your yard and any butting wild areas. You don’t have to go deep into nature to get bit—mammals can bring ticks into your yard, and pets can then bring them into your home.

Keep up immune support with colloidal silver in addition to paying close attention to tick bites and symptoms. Ideally, send any ticks that bite you in for testing.

Like many diseases, Lyme Disease is worse if you have a weakened immune system. In addition to colloidal silver, watch and care for your health. If you keep a healthy baseline, you’ll notice changes, like Lyme Disease symptoms, earlier.

As Lyme Disease continues to spread and become an increasingly national problem, take care of yourself. Prevention, advocacy, awareness, and support from colloidal silver are your tools.


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