By now, everyone is sick of the flu. Hearing about it, looking for it at restaurants and in coworkers, taking precautions, and probably reading about it, too.

But this flu season is pretty bad (and it’s not just flu, it’s croup, ear infections, sinus infections, Norovirus and other stomach flus, strep, and more). Not just bad, “unusually strong”. Eating out carries a higher risk of stomach flu. Work, school, hospitals, and more are fending off outbreaks of influenza. And if you’re “lucky”, you’re “just” dealing with sinus infections, croup (hacking cough), or a cold. Then there’s the looming bird flu threat, which both Asia and Europe are dealing with. While being proactive is keeping bird flu risk low, flu mutations are out there speeding along.

So keep vigilant against all the bugs going around right now. Start with basics like frequent hand washing, being selective about eating out, running a humidifier, and taking care of yourself (like with regular immune support from colloidal silver).

If you can’t avoid a bug (who has two weeks of sick leave?), then manage symptoms and take care to support yourself so you can get better faster.

Best practice would be to stay home in bed and get well, but if you can’t you can help mitigate symptoms and make your day better. A little colloidal silver in your neti pot, or colloidal silver and xylitol in a sinus flood can be a strike against horrible mucus. Nebulizing gets colloidal silver support to the whole respiratory system. If you have an outer ear infection, pour a little colloidal silver in for a few minutes.

At the first throat tingle, when you wake up congested, or when your stomach does its first sway, get out the colloidal silver. Don’t wait, and don’t miss a beat by taking it as a daily supplement.

Share your best cold and flu tips and recipes in the comments:


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