Summer feet with flowersSo take care of them! Whether you’re kicking off shoes to run free in the grass, on the beach, or to just swing on the patio, make sure to take care of your feet.

Before going barefoot outside, know what’s in your soil: in some parts of the US, you can pick up parasites by running around without shoes. Underdiagnosed, it’s unfortunately on us to know what’s in our region and watch out for symptoms (which can be subtle).

Being barefoot can be hard on our feet, creating more dry/dead skin. Man or woman, take the time to take care of them by scraping it off, moisturizing, and keeping them clean. Dead skin (often accompanied by the sweat of a hot summer and a lot of fun) can feed fungi, leading to Athlete’s foot.

There’s another important trick to stopping Athlete’s foot: keep your shoes clean. If you’re not wearing socks, then dead skin, bacteria, fungi and more can build up, and might be the source of recurring infections.

Wiping them out is a good start. You can also help prevent the odor with Smelly Shoe Spray. Smelly Shoe Spray is non-toxic with easy to read ingredients. The scent of a fresh burst of peppermint dissipates quickly (no chemical odors or lingering, obvious odor) and colloidal silver helps to prevent the germs that cause odor. You can spray Smelly Shoe Spray preventatively, before going out, to give it a quick coating and keep shoes from smelling when it’s time to go inside (saving you from embarrassment, too).

From gym to summer frolics, foot and shoe care is key to summer fun!

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