Flu season is still going strong, and in an effort to fight it schools in several states are closing to prevent the disease from spreading. It’s possible the continued strength of flu season means it will go late this year, which could mean watching out for flu until May or June. The waves of snowstorms aren’t helping, and they seem to be bringing a wave of illness with them each time. Combat the risks winter brings by taking care of your health with colloidal silver and these other steps.

Why does cold weather seem to trigger illness? It’s a combination of factors, all of which you can counteract: a sudden change in weather can weaken our immune system; the dry (cold) weather makes it easier for viruses like the flu to spread; and cold weather drives us indoors (and we bundle up when we go out), so we get less natural Vitamin D, which supports our mood and immune system (and things can spiral from there—stress from a drop in mood can further weaken the immune system). Then, there’s a second (community) layer triggering the spread of illness: gathering indoors means more humans sneezing on each other; stress as businesses become understaffed can either cause more employee illness or push sick employees into showing up and spreading illness, etc.

Knowing what’s causing the increase in flu cases, you can take action. Some of it you may already be doing, like grocery shopping in anticipation of storms so you don’t have to go out (because even sick people will need to get food). Take it a step further and try and snag your groceries at a less busy time of day, or order them for curbside pick-up/delivery.

Make your house unfriendly to the flu by running a humidifier. Humidity has been shown to decrease flu transmission.

Support your body and immune health by following all the basics you already know, like sleeping enough, eating well, etc. A change in temperature does have physical effects on the body—it’s why “winter” is subjective and people in L.A. or Arizona wear coats for what feels like a spring day to someone from the Midwest.

Add another layer of immune support with colloidal silver. It’s great as a daily immune boost all year round. Make sure you’re getting the most from colloidal silver by knowing all the ways you  can use it: gargle before you swallow (to get more direct support to your throat); use a little in your sinus rinse routine to enhance it; do an occasional sinus flood to combat symptoms like runny nose and congestion with added immune support; and remember that it’s also safe to use in a nebulizer (all of these things barring a rare silver allergy).

Don’t let a strong flu season get you down, keep your immune system strong and keep enjoying the nice days when they come with colloidal silver.

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