man-outside-blowing-noseIt may be a mild flu season with few severe cases, but there are plenty of mild cases with a smattering of mild symptoms like a small cough, runny nose, and/or fatigue.

Since those are the flu symptoms that can last the longest, that leaves lots of time for a sinus infection to develop. All the congestion can lock mucus in to fester, growing into sinus pain and worse congestion, or it can spread the infection by dripping mucus into the throat, and eventually even spreading to the lungs and developing into bronchitis or pneumonia.

So, keep sinuses clear. Not only can it help to rinse out gunk and germs, but it can alleviate symptoms to make it easier to work, sleep, and get through your day.

For extremely clogged sinuses, do a sinus flood. In a sinus flood, you hang your head upside down and gently squeeze liquids (like colloidal silver) into the sinus cavity (it’s not just your nose, it’s under your cheek and eyebrow bones). After a few minutes you let it rinse out, along with all the gunk and clogs.

To keep mild problems at bay, just do a sinus rinse (use purified water and a few drops of colloidal silver). It’s a quick in and out for everyday sinus problems and prevention, and it’s way easier on your sinuses than blowing.

Don’t forget other basic flu-busting tips, like frequent hand washing, running a humidifier, getting extra rest, and getting some extra immune support (especially when you travel!) from colloidal silver.

Beat the flu before it arrives by making sure you already have colloidal silver on hand, whether you use it as daily support, or want it as back-up when the first symptoms start. With a Sinus Flooding Kit for everyone in your household, you can get more out of colloidal silver immune support.

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