Looking At New Nano Silver Studies


Although there have been some great colloidal silver/nano silver studies in the past (like the great one out of Hong Kong from last year), recent months have turned up a range of funnier studies.

Funnier? With nano silver now coating many devices (you can even get a nano silver iPad cover!) scientists are rushing to prove that there’s a negative health or environmental effect from contact with nano silver.

But they can’t, because pure, non-ionized silver is non-toxic (and argyria has been limited to cases of home generators, silver proteins, etc…even so, it’s a cosmetic effect).

So how do these scientists conclude their studies? “More research is needed”…”Caution is advised”, etc. And perhaps that’s the right thing to do. From their perspective, a grander, more expensive study could come along and blow their lack of results (meaning no ill health effects from nano silver) out of the water, discrediting their whole career. Not to mention it’s always better to be on the safe side when talking about people’s health.

But it’s still funny, because it will always be harder to prove that something doesn’t do something than that it does. And in the meantime studies are piling up that say…nothing. A good nothing, but nothing none the less.

And with regard to the environmental effects of nano silver (potentially killing the smallest end of the food chain in water-beneficial bacteria and amoeba) all it took was some bright kids to figure out how to remove/reclaim nano silver from municipal waste water!

What Do You Think Of Media Coverage Regarding Nano Silver?


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