Nano Silver Safety Is Being Increasingly Analyzed


Nano Silver May Soon Be Reclaimed From Water

Generally, colloidal silver (the supplement form of nano silver) is considered safe because it has been around (in some form) for centuries.

Antibiotics came around, and colloidal silver sank into the shadows. But over the last two decades colloidal silver has begun to make a comeback, with numerous studies examining the potential health benefits of colloidal silver including wound healing, infection prevention, anti-tumor properties, killing pathogens in the body (including fungi, bacteria, and viruses), and colloidal silver’s anti-platelet properties with regard to preventing thrombosis of the heart (blood clots). Better yet, scientists are beginning to understand the mechanism of colloidal silver, confirming its safety in the body (and how nano silver is able to exit).

Of course, mainstream medicine has long since abhorred anything resembling alternative medicine or treatment. While there are many products out there that are indeed placebos or just plain unsafe (one UK company was caught selling industrial bleach!), it would no doubt solve everyone’s problems if doctors gave alternative treatments the same thoughtful consideration many health conscious consumers do.

So as scientists try to find how nano silver may have a negative impact on the body, I am happy to say…it doesn’t. No study has yet found evidence, either by side-effect or mechanism that suggests nano silver will harm human (or, as tests go, lab rat) bodies. In fact, it seems that nano silver may ‘dissolve’ as it makes its way through the body and is then safely excreted.

Still, there are those who are concerned about nano silver and the environment, especially as we are now adding it to clothes, food bins, and all manner of everyday products. While some studies have found that the smallest on the food chain, bacteria in water as well as algae, may die at the hands of nano silver flushed away. While this isn’t ideal, it’s less of a concern (to me, at least) than pesticides, herbicides, and other harsh chemicals that are doing so much more harm than that.

And one last bit of good news: some young scientists have won an award for their study on nano silver, and have managed to patent a way to extract nano silver from water, which will help reclaim it for future use!

What do you think of scientists trying to find fault with natural, historically safe alternative supplements?


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