Mumps, measles, and other childhood diseases are making a comeback. Several states have a measles outbreaks, and with as many as two weeks between exposure and measles symptoms, more people have likely been exposed and are spreading it.

The good news is vaccinated people have low odds of catching measles, the vaccine is 97% effective (the mumps vaccine is 88% effective, giving it some room to spread in its own outbreak). Those chances change for people with weakened immune systems, and instead reflect those who are healthy and young-ish.

Measles symptoms start with the standard flu-like affair: fever, cough, runny nose, and watery eyes. Eventually, a tell-tale measles rash appears. It’s a good example of why people should stay home when experiencing any virus like symptoms—it might be a cold, but it might be something more serious, too.

So far this year, the following states have had measles: Arkansas, California, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Texas. Measles is common in the rest of the world, so fresh infections pop up regularly.

You can stay protected by avoiding crowds in places with outbreaks, and keeping distance from places with obviously sick employees (especially restaurants). Having the MMR vaccine will also help prevent Measles and Mumps, and the potentially severe side-effects, like pneumonia, bronchitis, severe diarrhea, and encephalitis (measles), or reproductive damage, brain or pancreas inflammation, or deafness (mumps). For people over 20, the risk of these complications is higher, and for people with weakened immune systems (the elderly, pregnant, or those who have a chronic illness) they can be deadly.

Measles is airborne and very contagious, and measles is slightly less contagious as it’s airborne by droplets (getting sneezed or coughed on). Stay on top of your health with good sleep, good nutrition, some exercise, and a little extra support from colloidal silver.

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