Nano Particle Research Changing Our Understanding Of The World


Nano particles come off of larger objects, like this silver star.

Nano particles of different elements, from Titanium in sunscreen to nano silver in antibacterial and antiviral clothes, cleaning formulas, food containers and supplements have received an increasing amount of scrutiny from enviornmental and health groups both in the US and Europe.

Recently, a discovery was made that nano particles (particularly nano silver and nano copper) have actually been with us a long time: they’re produced by our silver and copper jewelery when we wear them, utensils when we eat, etc. Now new information on nano particles is contributing to our understanding of environmental science and human biology.

Nano particles are everywhere. Defined by size, studies are finding them all over nature, including in the human body (trace elements are often in nano form). So now scientists aren’t just asking the question “how will these new nano partiles harm things?” they’re asking “what (important) role may nano particles already be playing?”.

Nano  particles are capable of travelling through the body far more easily than their larger counterparts. That’s great news if you want to supplement with a nano silver like MesoSilver or a nano gold like MesoGold, since it means they’ll have farther reach and be more effective (especially for the money).

That could be bad news when it comes to other elements, ones that don’t naturally have a place as a trace element in the human body. That’s why research is continuing to look at both sources and effects of nano particles.

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