Pets: This Summer There’s Lots of Cases of Parvovirus


The year is only half over and vets are reporting that they’re seeing lots of confirmed cases of Parvovirus. It’s an old strain that’s suddenly surging in pups. Here are some steps to keep your pets safe this summer from Parvovirus—including supporting your pets just like you support yourself with colloidal silver.

What is Parvovirus? Spread between dogs, Parvovirus causes vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, and loss of appetite. If your dogs start showing these symptoms, contact your vet.

It’s not just a kennel disease. Dogs don’t show symptoms of Parvovirus until 3 or more days after exposure. You can pick it up from the dog park, the communal water bowl at your coffee shop, or anywhere else people bring their dogs.

Parvovirus can be prevented with vaccination. Just like with humans, pups too little for vaccines and dogs with weakened immune systems are most at risk (the young, old, or those having chronic health problems).

If there’s a Parvovirus outbreak in your area, keep your dogs home, consider preventative steps like vaccination, and support their immune system with a few drops of colloidal silver in their water bowls.

Don’t wait to talk to your vet. Parvovirus, left untreated, has a high mortality rate for dogs. Treatment usually requires dogs to stay at the vet for close monitoring and care. Depression and lack of appetite are the earliest symptoms, so keep a look out for behavioral changes in your dogs.

Adding colloidal silver to their water bowl supports pet immune systems just like humans. Pets face Parvovirus, Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, and more during summer months, so help keep your dog healthy and happy with a little extra immune support.


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