Save Your Shoes From Puddles


Shoes In PuddlePuddles, mud, soft ground. If you’ve been getting lots of rain, you’ve probably walked through at least a couple of these—and soaked your shoes.

If you were able to get your shoes dried out soon after—you might still have some residual odor. If you couldn’t get somewhere to get your shoes off and dry? You probably have a good deal of odor, and possibly even a slight mold smell!

No one wants to deal with stinky feet when they pop their shoes off—even if you’re at home alone, you’re going to be getting into bed with those things sooner or later! And forget arriving somewhere and politely taking off your mud-soaked shoes only to realize that having a wet foot in a now sweaty shoe has created an odorous surprise!

Not to mention issues that arise from having your foot in a soggy shoe—that’s like a recipe for getting a foot fungus.

That’s why we think everyone should have Smelly Shoe Spray on hand. It combines an immediate fresh burst of peppermint to help mask odor in the moment, with the bacteria killing power of colloidal silver to destroy odor once and for all.

Smelly Shoe Spray does a pretty good job on the first pass—but it can help to pre-emptively hit shoes with a blast of it, too (if you’re going to go work out, on a long walk, or the weather is bad). You might want to give it another go if you’re prone to foot issues like Athlete’s Foot, heel cracks, or ingrown toenails, too.

Keep a bottle by your door, so guests can use it—and in your purse/car/bag, so if you accidentally step in a puddle, you can save your shoes at the first opportunity.

And here’s a use tip: Make sure you get the front of the shoe really well. It can be harder to reach in there, but that’s where your toes go—and your toes offer lots of surface area to create sweat and grow fungus. You don’t want anything growing between your toes, or turning your nails yellow! The front of the shoe also tends to be where all the dirt ends up—another recipe for stink!

If you don’t already have a bottle of Smelly Shoe Spray, you can pick one or two up from Colloids for Life. Then enjoy the change that spraying it liberally will bring to your life!

How’s the weather in your city?


MesosilverĀ® Colloidal Silver

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