“Silver Water” Is Still A Solution For Third World Citizens


Adding lemon to water can improve taste, aid digestion, and may remove chlorine.

Keeping germs out of drinking water and keeping milk from spoiling are well-established historical uses of colloidal silver, and nano silver is taking over that role today.

Charitable organizations have been working to create silver filters in ceramic jugs in order to help people in impoverished areas of the world have access to clean drinking water. As nano silver becomes more widely used, they’re developing ways to make cleaning drinking water with nano silver easier and more affordable, so that charities can more easily distribute implements to create clean drinking water.

The newest use of nano silver is to coat glass rods that can be stirred in drinking water, killing viruses, bacteria, and fungi with silver’s natural antimicrobial properties. The project is still in development, they want to make it as affordable as possible.

And there’s downsides to deal with, since without a filter the dead microorganisms will remain in the water. Plus, silver only affects pathogens, other contaminants that may be in the water (heavy metals like arsenic or lead) won’t be removed. But it’s a good start, and helping people avoid stomach flu by cleaning their drinking water isn’t just important for water consumption, but keeping down food and nutrients.

What’s sort of funny about nano silver’s new role in aiding the impoverished is that the reason colloidal silver disappeared for a while was how expensive it was. The old process for generating colloidal silver was to grind it into small particles then suspend it in water, and only the rich could afford it.

Of course, grinding won’t make particles nearly as small as the nano silver particles suspended in colloidal silver today, so old colloidal silver formulas were not only expensive but far less safe (bigger particles are more likely to get stuck in the body and create the condition argyria).

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