Snakes, Germs, and More: Summer Pet Care


This summer, there’s more to watch out for than the usual heat: a bigger snake population, an outbreak of a dog illness, and ticks. Here’s how to keep not just you, but your furry friends safe and healthy this summer with safety tips, immune support from colloidal silver, and more.

If you didn’t already know, venomous snakes can be found coast to coast in the US. Rattlesnakes live pretty much everywhere, and the East, South, and Southeast each have an extra variety. This summer, snake populations (as well as that of other wildlife) are expected to be bigger. To avoid a bite, these are the recommendations: stay on the trail and avoid tall grass (this will help you avoid ticks, too). Most snakes bite when stepped on, so make sure you can see your feet. Keep pets leashed, and where pants and shoes that cover your skin (another tick and mosquito block, too!). If you do get bit, stay calm and call 911. If your dog gets bit, carry it out to an emergency vet clinic.

Another issue facing dogs this summer is an outbreak of Brucellosis, a disease which can also pass to humans. Brucellosis is highly contagious and handled with quarantines. Outbreaks aren’t common, but they happen. A human outbreak in 19 states happened earlier this year when raw milk was contaminated and recalled. Since both humans and dogs are infected, pay attention to outbreak notices and recalls, and maybe even support your dog’s immune system with colloidal silver.

Ticks bites and Lyme Disease are another problem that both humans and dogs share. Checking for ticks and tick bites is one step, another is getting rid of tall grass and other tick havens in your yard.

Finally, as it heats up make sure that outdoor pets have access to cool, fresh water, can avoid hot cement, and have shade. You can help keep their water bowls fresh while supporting their immune systems with a drop of colloidal silver.


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