Sunscreen stops burns and blistering skin, but what about the other type of blister that pops up in the summer–the one in our shoes? Prevent and treat summer blisters naturally with some basic tips. If you have a blister erupt this summer, be sure to support healing with colloidal silver.

The first thing to know about foot blisters is that cause and prevention isn’t one size fits all—there are more variables than what shoes you wear, how new they are, or how long you’re in them. Everyone has a different gait, that can change with time, and it heavily determines where you’re prone to get blisters. So here’s some general advice on blister prevention that you will have to tailor to your own comfort and step.

Don’t start by looking at your shoes, start with your socks. Blister are caused by heat, rubbing, and moisture. Cotton socks actually aren’t the best at preventing blisters, since they don’t wick moisture away. Wool wicks well, but can be too warm during the summer, and nylon blends can be both cooling and drying. How thick and tall your sock goes is up to your own comfort, and should balance with your style of shoe. (Longer can help prevent tick bites).

Most people have experienced a shoe that causes blisters—whether it’s new and needs broken in, the wrong size, or made of poor quality materials (like a cheap pair of flip-flops). Choose wisely and consider how, and how long, you’ll wear the shows.

When you go on a walk, hike, or vacation, keep a band-aid or other spot treatment handy so you can stop rubbing when you feel the early pain of a blister. Some people keep feet dry with corn starch, but it may not be right for every skin type.

If you get a blister? Don’t pop it—that can actually slow healing. Put a bandage on it,keep it clean, and if it does pop, be sure to regularly spray colloidal silver on it.

Colloidal silver is great immune support as a daily supplement, but it also has a long history of use supporting skin as it heals from minor cuts, burns, blisters, and more.

This summer, prevent blisters, and if you can’t, treat them with colloidal silver!


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