Girl Fell Off BikeGrill burns, sunburns, scrapes, cuts, bug bites, and more all come along with summer fun. Make sure you’re taking care of them, reducing scarring, and preventing infection!

Cleaning up is step one. If you do a lot of biking, hiking, or other outdoor movement, you’ve probably figured out how to scrub out your own wounds. If you’re squeamish or new to falls in dirt, it’s probably a good idea to head straight to a doctor and let them clean the wound while you brace yourself!

Once you’re on your own for wound care, there’s a lot you can do to reduce scarring, hasten healing, and keep it healthy.

Bandaging wounds helps keep them wet, which prevents scarring. Add a little spritz of colloidal silver to the cotton to help aid healing. (You can also spray it on wounds directly). Now, there are brands out there with silver already in them, but it’s usually not pure silver like colloidal silver is. When you do it yourself, you get more for less money, can choose any bandage you like (great if kids have a favorite character they HAVE to have) and don’t have to go store to store to find them. (Plus, you can use colloidal silver other ways).

Feel like your skin heals slowly? While it could be genetic, it could also be an immune system issue. When I’ve had a wound and a weakened immune system, I’ve had small cuts or scrapes take months to heal when they should only take a week or two. Just like when you’re sick with a cold, a little extra sleep can help your body heal, as can good nutritional support! And colloidal silver can help support your immune system so it can fight off germs while you heal.

If the wound is a burn, whether from the sun or stove, colloidal silver is an easy to apply burn support (in fact, silver has been used on burns for ages, and is still used in hospitals). Spraying colloidal silver on helps healing, and dries clear (not like applying a cream) so that you can continue on, bandage how you like (or not). I like using my favorite aloe vera gel, and then when it’s almost dry spraying on colloidal silver. (If you’re set on the ease of creams, or want something in your first aid kit, there is a MesoSilver cream, it even has aloe AND coconut oil!)

And that’s one thing I want to emphasize: spraying. Silver is super effective, and unlike other chemicals (hydrogen peroxide) doesn’t immediately stop being useful. Let a layer dry on and you’re good to go for a little while (of course it can wash off, rub off, or naturally be sloughed off with your skin). Don’t dump it on like you would hydrogen peroxide (a substance that’s no longer recommended since it encourages scarring) you only need a little!

(For comparison, Surfaces coated with silver in hospitals—glass, walls, curtains, and even devices like catheters—only have the thinnest of layers of nanosilver on them!)

Pain, redness, and swelling are signs of infection. If they last worsen over a couple of days, see a doctor (or go straight away if there’s a lot of pus, swelling, and pain). Make sure to keep wounds clean and covered to help prevent infection.

What summer activities are you looking forward to?


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