Bacteria Hospital PicAntibiotic resistant bacteria, or superbugs, are taking over. While they’ve been around for a long time, existing antibiotics are becoming useless at an increasing pace.

The newest issue? A variant of MRSA (LA-MRSA) is circulating in Europe. While it’s not unexpected, what’s important to note is that it’s being distributed by animal products. Raw meat, and even milk have tested positive for the dangerous bacteria.

It’s long been known that the overuse of antibiotics in livestock is a big source of antibiotic resistant bacteria (good news, though, when selection pressure from constant antibiotic use goes away, the bacteria stop being superbugs and revert back to regular germs). But this new strain is illustrating how quickly these superbugs spread, and how easily they get into our homes.

MRSA can be bad, but there are worse strains to worry about. The new super E. coli circulating carries its antibiotic resistant strain in genes that are easily shared with other bacteria.

The takeaway? We can make choices at an individual level that help protect us from becoming carries of superbugs (because contact doesn’t always lead to infection, it can nestle superbugs into our skin colonies and become a problem when we get cut or scratched).

One step: choose animal products sourced from places that don’t use unnecessary antibiotics. Much cheaper than having to have surgery and rehab after a superbug-fueled boil goes wrong.

Another? Always finish prescribed antibiotics, whether they’re for you or a pet. 80% may be enough to leave you feeling healthy, but the few bacteria that remain will be the strongest, and most capable of resisting antibiotics should you get sick again.

Thorough cleaning is another thing, especially after having raw meat in your kitchen. One rule of thumb when cleaning for germs (and not just appearances) is to make sure that you clean a much wider area than you think you need to!

Finally, don’t be afraid to harness of power colloidal supplements. Hospitals are catching on, and coating themselves in nanosilver to help fight bacteria. You can use a colloidal silver supplement at home to support your immune system.

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