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Summertime adventures can be great for your health—boosting mood, Vitamin D levels, heart health, creativity, energy, and more. But like everything, they come with some risks, which are generally pretty minor. You can stay ahead of it all with immune support from colloidal silver, whether you’re sumer will take you traveling, into nature, or just on a neighborhood walk.

What are some of the pitfalls of summer? Here are some of the biggest ones, and how to avoid them:

Swimming. Pool germs and parasites are spreading—even a well-cleaned pool can host cryptosporidium for two weeks. You can check your pool’s rating, avoid swallowing pool water, and shower after a swim to reduce risk for rashes and ear infections. Similarly, warm temperatures are increasing bacterial growth in lakes, too. In addition to not swallowing lake water, take precautions to keep it going up your nose, which can spread the now-infamous brain eating amoeba.

Bugs. Ticks and mosquitoes are more than just itchy pests these days! New mosquitoes spread from tropical regions can carry a whole host of exotic, horrible illnesses like Zika, Dengue, and Yellow Fever. More than half of US counties now have Lyme Disease, and the past few years have turned up new Lyme Disease-related illnesses as well as new ticks with the potential for more serious disease. Avoid bites by making your yard inhospitable to pests (no long grass, no piles for mice to hide, no standing water), and by wearing light-weight but fully covering clothes in addition to insect repellant when you’re out in nature.

-Travel. Look ahead before hopping on a plane—even Hawaii can get some pretty serious disease outbreaks these days. It doesn’t mean you should stay home, just that you should do a little more preparation before traveling! And don’t forget the airplane itself can be a risk, with about a third of passengers developing a respiratory illness the week after flying.

-Falls. Biking, running, hiking, or just being klutzy can lead to a scraped knee. It shouldn’t be a big deal, but with the advent of antibiotic resistant illness, there’s a better chance it could turn into one without staying on top of (even minor) wound care. Clean it out, cover it up, and watch for signs of infection.

For all your summer adventures, make sure you’re getting immune support inside and out. You don’t have to leave home to encounter the unexpected, so it’s better to b prepared with colloidal silver!

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