There’s flu activity in almost every state, as well as other influenza like illnesses, and it’s ramping up. With holiday travel going on this week, expect a surge in flu activity in the upcoming week. Make sure you are prepared with good flu prevention techniques and colloidal silver!

Both influenza type A and type B are circulating—while some states already have high flu activity, others are seeing a surge in other influenza like illnesses. As people hop on planes, these viruses will have another opportunity to get around—and incubate in weary travelers. Statistically, 1 in 4 people who fly will come down with a respiratory illness within the next week.

The best way to prevent illness when traveling is frequent hand-washing—it’s not bathrooms spreading germs, it’s frequently touched but never cleaned surfaces like seat belts and air vents. You can layer in immune supporting colloidal silver to your plans for extra protection—be sure to pack it.

Meanwhile, around your home you can slow flu transmission by increasing your humidity (especially if you live somewhere dry), and using the same techniques as travelers: hand-washing and immune support. In addition to colloidal silver, support your immune system by making sure you get enough sleep, eating lots of veggies, and getting a little exercise.

Watch for flu symptoms. Flu symptoms include coughing, fever, aches, malaise, and a strong, sudden onset. Other diseases with flu-like symptoms don’t usually come on as strong and hard as the flu. If you think the flu is coming on, grab some immune support and take to bed for as much rest as you can get—and load up on protein (there truth to the “starve a fever, feed a cold” adage. Either prepare to not want much to eat/be able to eat, or fend it off by loading up on nutrients).

Make sure you have colloidal silver for when the flu comes through your neighborhood.

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