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Office Woman Takig Off ShoesYou may already follow this policy, or you may have seen people talking about it and sharing memes.

“No Shoes In The House”

I’ve known people who enforce it because they want to protect their rugs or carpets from wear, to keep them from looking dirty, or because they’re aware of how many germs shoes spread.

Healthcare workers know what shoes and clothes can pick up: not just their shoes but their whole outfit gets dumped into the laundry when they get home. And even if you haven’t recently walked through a hospital, the bottom of your shoes aren’t just dirty, they’re germy.

And not just germy, the toxins from pesticides and more that your shoes walk through and bring inside can affect your indoor air quality. Even if you’re not a baby crawling around on the floor, there are just so many ways what’s on the bottom of your shoes can get to you.

So, easy: take them off.

Self-conscious? Especially if you’re at someone else’s home, pulling a leather shoe, a boot, or a sneaker off can be a moment of hesitation: how much did I sweat today? If you’re not wearing socks, the anxiety might be worse.

And solving the odor problem with a powder (like baking soda) might mean leaving faint white footprints.

Nor do you want to be spraying harsh chemicals where your very absorbent feet hang out.

Instead, try safe and natural Smelly Shoe Spray. With an immediate peppermint burst and the long-term powers of colloidal silver, it can help keep your shoes ready to be kicked off at any invitation, and in turn, keep your feet from picking up the stink.

Before sweating-in-boots-winter or even hanging-out-elsewhere-game-season starts, prep your shoes with Smelly Shoe Spray.


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