It’s warm enough that tick season has begun. Make sure you’re not making any wrong assumptions, and stay safe; make sure you’re getting daily immune support from colloidal silver!

First, Lyme Disease isn’t just an East Coast problem any more. We’ve past the point where more than half of US counties have ticks that carry Lyme Disease, plus there’s a similar disease and other tick borne illnesses that range coast to coast.

Second, whether you’re a doctor or a patient, forget the red bull’s-eye patch. Only maybe half of all Lyme Disease cases present with that sort of rash, and other tick diseases may have similar or overlapping symptoms with no rash. Since many medical textbooks still push the bull’s-eye patch and focus on visual skin symptoms rather than other persistent symptoms like joint pain and arthritis, getting a diagnosis may be hard (even though Lyme Disease is still easily treated by antibiotics), and even harder if you’re in an area where tick disease is new.

Third, beware all wild animals as carriers, but it’s mice, not deer that have the most risk. You should be wary of approaching any wild animal (remember that baby animals often have angry moms nearby) and discourage all wildlife from lingering in your yard, but it’s white-tailed mice that you should focus on for Lyme Disease prevention. A barrier in your yard between wild/tall grass and what you cultivate, and eliminating places that attract mice (stacked wood) can help keep your yard Lyme free.

Fourth, you may feel it, not see it . When ticks are biting the most, they’re small. In theory, you should be checking yourself and any pets (dogs, cats, bunnies) for ticks after going outside. But there are lots of places that may be hard for you to check thoroughly by yourself, or you might forget, or just not have the opportunity after each outing. In many cases, you might be able to feel a tick bite if you don’t see it. Make a habit of taking a moment or two to close your eyes, relax, and check in with your body. Even if ticks aren’t an issue, it’s still a good practice for being in tune with your health and giving yourself a little mental break. For many Lyme Disease patients, it’s the chronic, untreated symptoms they notice, not the initial ones.

Take one more step to support yourself: use colloidal silver daily to help your immune system.

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