Be Better at Treating Small Cuts & Burns


Put a Bandaid On itCuts, scrapes, and even mild burns aren’t just a part of summer, they’re a part of living life. So get a little better at keeping them from getting infected, helping them heal quickly, and reducing scars.

One thing you need to make sure you have access to in your first aid kits (both at home and in your car) is colloidal silver. Silver has a long and continued use helping small cuts and burns heal, and its colloidal form is better than the compounds and chemicals available over-the-counter.

What’s the first step? With any injury, make sure it’s clean. If you’re tough enough, that means roughly scraping out as much dirt, rocks, and other debris, if you’re not, head into urgent care. If you’ve got a long trek back (if you were hiking or biking, for instance) having some colloidal silver in a kit can help keep germs at bay.

If the injury is a burn, make sure you’re not following dumb internet advice: don’t put oil on an active burn. Don’t dip a burned hand in flour that you keep in the fridge for this purpose. Don’t do anything that will insulate the heat and feed the burn (even if it’s cold, if it insulates it the burn can become even worse). Stop, and cool the burn off with water as cold as you can stand. Repeat until you’re sure the burning has stopped. For bad burns where the skin is broken or peeling, see a doctor.

Once you’re set and ready for ongoing care, follow to basic guidelines: keep the wound clean, and keep it moist.

When you have broken skin, it’s a bad time to find out you’re a superbug carrier. We’ve known MRSA happens in and out of hospitals, in gyms and schools, and in your own home (in your washing machine and more). Washing will help clear most bacteria (picture yourself kicking over a microscopic anthill). Back that up with the immune support of colloidal silver.

And here’s another step you can take all the time: make sure you’re supporting your good bacteria. Crowd out and fight off the invading pathogens, and support your healthy good bacteria colonies—those colonies exist both in your stomach, and on your skin and other important places. A quality probiotic supplement is a good place to start!

Moist wounds are less likely to scar. The recommendation is to use oil under a sealed bandage to keep it moist. Colloidal silver pairs well with this method: spray a little that you use as moisture trapped in under the oil (it’s also helpful to keep things clean if you’re using an organic oil like coconut).

What ways do you use colloidal silver to keep cuts, scrapes and burns healthy?


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