Vets Want You to Watch for Dog Lyme Disease Symptoms


Ticks are spreading (often on migratory birds) and so Lyme Disease is spreading. Michigan is a state that has seen Lyme Disease cases go from single to triple digits this year, and vets are asking dog owners: watch for Lyme Disease symptoms.

Lyme Disease isn’t so different in dogs as it is in humans, but dogs can’t tell is when they’re feeling sick. Those cheerful companions will keep going until Lyme Disease progresses to more serious symptoms, making a good outcome harder to achieve. Catching a change in behavior early is key to helping dogs recover from Lyme Disease. 

Ticks can be as small as a sesame seed, and hide easily in dark fur. Even if you check for tick bites they are easy to miss! (And it’s recommended to do a tick check after each foray into nature, or pets can bring ticks into your home). You can get additional protection and prevention for your dogs against ticks and Lyme Disease in two ways: support their immune system with colloidal silver, and implement a tick prevention pill (which is also cheaper than treating Lyme Disease symptoms).

Lyme Lyme Disease symptoms include joint pain (which can be hard to read in dogs before symptoms are severe), lethargy, eating less, and limping or another behavior that indicates an unseen injury.

If your dog’s behavior changes, they are less willing to play or appear uncomfortable, get them tested for Lyme Disease. Without treatment, Lyme Disease can infect the kidneys and other organs, making an eventual recovery much harder.

If you become positive your dog has Lyme Disease symptoms, don’t stop at getting them help. It’s possible they brought a tick/Lyme Disease inside and humans in your house should also be monitored for Lyme Disease symptoms. You/your pets can get Lyme Disease more than once, so once you know it’s nearby continued vigilance is important! 

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