Snow Shovel ManAs the cold kicks in and the snow starts falling, a lot of little things can make you sick, or injured, or otherwise ruin your week. Make sure you don’t make any of these mistakes:

-When the snow starts falling, start shoveling. Don’t wait until the inches pile up—when it’s just a thin layer it’s quick and easy to get out there and clear a path. You won’t be in the cold too long, and you’ll reduce the risk of an injury. If it snows overnight, make sure that you throw salt down on ice spots, and shovel with the same rules for lifting: with your legs, not your back.

When you’re done shoveling, the best way to warm up is a hot bath (that will also soothe sore muscles!). It’s the traditional way to warm people up after they, say, fell in cold water or came upon some other hazard. The steam will also help your sinuses (because even a short walk in the cold can trigger a runny nose).

Finish up with some Dakota Muscle Relief for any aches you may have picked up.

-Be careful driving. Whether you’re headed out at night to be first in line for a sale, headed to the airport, or taking a cross-country trip for the holidays, ice, flurries, and tired drivers can all risk your safety.

All you can control is you. So check weather reports, make sure you’re not tired, and plan your trip carefully (plan stops to rest, and to have short walks. A few jumping jacks or a jog around a parking lot can wake you up, and get blood moving (especially if you get swelling from prolonged sitting!). Remember, being alert doesn’t just help with your own vehicle, it helps you watch out for others.

And don’t forget your pets. They need seatbelts as much as you! Being unrestrained makes even minor accidents a risk.

-And one more thought on pets: if you’re boarding them, make sure to get in the habit of adding a drop of colloidal silver to their water bowl to help strengthen their immune system against communicable diseases like kennel cough.

-Finally, make sure pets and owners get plenty of water. Winter is dry, and you want to have plenty of fluids already in you in case you start to get sick!

What winter activities do you need help improving?


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