One of the most popular uses for colloidal silver is to put a little in the ear. The question is, do you prefer a sprayer or a dropper?

Personally, I prefer to use the sprayer to put colloidal silver into my ear (as well as onto my face). I use it preventatively, since I swim regularly. If my ear starts to have that familiar ache, a few sprays of colloidal silver each day chases it off.

Using a sprayer is a good way to coat a lot of surface area, as well as nooks and crannies, with silver. Water at many pools, including my local gym, can be a good source of pathogens, and being able to apply colloidal silver after I dry my ears has been extremely useful.

Alternatively, when my husbands ear was aching, a dropper was useful for getting colloidal silver into the ear canal (we also used hydrogen peroxide, separately; it was a pretty minor ache though).

Drops of colloidal silver can also be useful if the nose or eyes need a boost (it’s hard not to squint at a sprayer, even if you’re trying to get a sty that’s relatively on the outside of the eye, but you can be more delicate with a dropper of colloidal silver).

Colloidal silver droppers are also useful for adding a little to your pets water dish (they don’t need much).

How do you use colloidal silver?


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