Sun BatherWho doesn’t want a youthful summer glow? Time in the sun in the summer helps clear up acne, offers a “healthy” tan (bronzed skin is subconsciously seen as healthy), and even a certain glow (probably thanks to the increased Vitamin D levels from time in the sun!).

You don’t have to wait until summer to get your skin in shape. Here are some tips for getting an early start on healthy summer skin:

-Banish winter pallor by getting small doses of sun now. Vitamin D levels dip in winter, and a few minutes of sunshine can help build them back up (also better than cooking yourself on Memorial Day!). How small a dose? The recommendation is twenty full-body minutes in the sun—but that varies by your altitude, and how close you are to the equator.

-Double up: even though a little bit of sun is good for you, too much can cause damage. You only need a few minutes to get enough Vitamin D—after that, use sunblock. If you’re concerned about chemicals (and/or want to protect your face) try a natural sunblock like coconut oil. It won’t work as well as zinc based sunscreens, but offers a small amount of protection for incidental exposure. Coconut oil is also a great moisturizer—it really rubs in better than anything else I’ve ever seen, feeling natural instead of oily.

-Fight redness and blemishes with colloidal silver. It’s great that sunshine clears up acne, but you can quickly turn a corner where your skin changes its reaction to redness and damage, or even patchiness. Colloidal silver is great year-round skin support against acne and rosacea.

-Want to look younger? Give your skin support to make collagen by providing copper, which is important to collagen formation.

-Burned? Give extra consideration to supporting youthful skin with copper. You can also support your skin while it heals with colloidal silver—a traditional burn treatment that’s still used today! (Pro-tip: spray colloidal silver, then add coconut oil to help lock in moisture, or let coconut oil sink in than add a layer of colloidal silver and let air dry).

-Finally, don’t just focus on your face. Experts will tell you “face care” really extends to your neckline, because that skin gets exposure that can lead to acne and sun damage.

How do you handle summer skin care?


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