There are numerous benefits to regular exercise: improved mood, sleeping easier, heart health, healthy weight, lower risk of disease…

…but are you aware exactly how much even a small amount of exercise helps and protects the brain?

A study published in The Journal Of Neuroscience focused on rats who voluntarily exercised and it’s impact on their health: as they aged, once they were aged, and during illness. It turns out, even a little exercise has a big effect!

Whenever older rats contracted a bacterial infection, there was quite a lot of inflammation in the brain that caused damage that is correlated with cognitive impairment. In rats that exercised even a small amount per week, however, this impairment was less, and damage was even reversed (exercise had anti-inflammatory results in the brain).

A small amount of exercise may not only protect the brain from inflammatory damage from bacterial infection, it may protect it from age related decline!

It’s not necessarily new news that exercise protects the brain. It’s been found previously that age related mental disease such as Alzheimer’s may be reduced/prevented by exercise. What makes this study special is that only a small amount of exercise is necessary to protect the brain, which is especially good news for people who may be having a harder time getting around!

Go for a stroll this evening with a loved one (even a favorite pet!), or make it a morning habit to stretch. If you’re looking to further support mental acuity, try MesoGold.

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