Napping Business WomanThere’s a strong correlation between daytime napping and a higher risk of death in people aged 40-65… And contrary to what you might assume, the younger nappers are at a higher risk!

While the cause and effect wasn’t found, researchers suspect that napping isn’t the cause, but more likely a symptom of an underlying, undiagnosed medical condition. The most likely culprit? Respiratory illness.

If the idea you might not realize you’re sick sounds far-fetched to you, it shouldn’t. COPD can start as early as your 20s (but more likely in your 30s), and most people won’t recognize symptoms until their 40s… at the earliest!

If you take regular naps during the day, it might be a reason to see a doctor. Ask to have your lungs checked out, talk about your diet (nutrient deficiency can cause fatigue), and also talk about other parts of your lifestyle (sleep apnea, which is hard to self-diagnose, can cause daytime drowsiness and increases your risk of death).

You should also cover your bases if you feel drowsy during the day. Support your immune system with MesoSilver, supplement your diet with a good multivitamin, and make sure you are sleeping in a good position with your neck straight (and maybe do a sinus rinse before bed to clear your nose).

Do you take daytime naps? Are you concerned about the new study?


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