Snore? Take A Calcium Supplement


Sleeping ManPeople with sleep apnea are almost 3 times more likely to develop osteoporosis. Although that doesn’t prove sleep apnea causes osteoporosis, it’s reason enough to wake up and take notice!

Do you have sleep apnea? The most common way to find out is to have someone who’s seen you sleep let you know. Sleep apnea isn’t just snoring—it’s breathing shallowly, or even taking a long pause from breathing.

For the two most common types of sleep apnea, curing it is easy:

-Make sure you are a healthy weight. Sleep apnea is a common symptom of being overweight. Click here for tips on eating well, or here for tips on losing weight. You can also follow us on twitter for more easy ideas.

-Sleep in a good position, not with your nose blocked or neck tilted funny.

-If the problem is more complex, you’ll have to talk to a doctor for solutions.

Besides talking to a doctor, you can support your bone health with a calcium supplement. The sooner you start taking one, the better protected you’ll be.

Sleep apnea can have other effects, too. It increases your risk for heart disease. It’s a good idea to check of you have it, and take actions to resolve it.

How do you sleep so you breathe correctly?


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