There are lots of reasons to supplement with colloidal gold, which is reported to boost memory, focus & concentration, hand-eye coordination, mood, energy, and more. After all, there’s a lot to be said for the mind-body connection, and taking care of your mind makes as much sense or more as taking care of your body. But there’s another angle, too. After all, our decisions and will to act start with our mind. Sometimes, a little mental support can be the first domino to better overall health.

Exercise, better eating, yoga, more walks, less sitting… whatever physical health goals you’re working on, if you’re having trouble meeting them, the answer may be in your head.

Studies show that for most people, their mood and overall health improve once they make a change to their lifestyle (like eating more fruits and veggies, or exercising more). That’s great, but you still have to make that first step. So instead, try something simple: a little more mind support.

Colloidal gold isn’t the same as caffeine or other stimulants, it’s a very gradual effect over time. Build the support for your mind; you can start with a little colloidal gold, a break during the day to de-stress, some brain focusing exercises, or reading up on what you want to do. Then take the next step and get physical, with a little bit of exercise, an extra walk, a group activity, or a better meal.

It doesn’t matter where you start, with how you think, what you eat, or how much you move. The beautiful truth is that each one naturally leads to the others. As your mind gets clear, you’ll be more ready to do the harder physical work. Eating well gives you a clearer mind and more energy. Exercising stimulates creativity, thought, and cravings for healthier food. However you get momentum—whichever is the easiest first step for you, once you do, the next step, and the next, just get easier and easier.

If you’re feeling mentally blocked, take an easier first step with a little mind support from colloidal gold.

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