3 Quick Health Changes For Today And Beyond


Looking for easy ways to be a little healthier? Here are some tips you can start with today, and employ all summer long:

1) Tea lover? Ditch the caffeinated stuff and try a tea that is rumored to help with longevity: Jiaogulan, or the tea of life, is grown in south Asia where the local lifespan is high—something locals attribute to drinking Jiaogulan daily! So if you’re looking to ditch caffeine but still enjoy a cuppa, make it one that supports overall health.

2) Learn how to make healthy summer iced-treats: ice cream, snow cones and other summer staples can be full of sugar and artificial colors and flavorings. Instead, throw a banana in the freezer, then make that the basis for an all fruit smoothie. The skin of the banana will turn black, but that’s ok: the fruit will make a smoothie with an ice cream like consistency!

3) Go on a “walk and talk”. Walking is an easy way to get a little movement into your day, and when you add in a friend and some stimulating conversation you get both a mood boost and a bit of mental stimulation. De-stress, get some light exercise, and use your brain all at once! It’s an achievable way to get more exercise!

What health goals do you have? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll come up with some easy ways to get started on them!


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