When should you stretch? Should you warm up? How do you soothe muscles after a workout? Here’s how experts currently you recommend do it all.

It all starts with water. When you exercise, you’re breaking down and reforming muscles (and, ideally, sweating, too!). Stay hydrated for your health, and to reduce sore muscles later. Successful hydration strategy: keep a large water bottle with you and refill it often.

Then, pick a simple warmup like a stationary bike, jumping jacks, or just an easy walk around the track. Warming up your muscles before doing anything else (even stretching) is good support that also improves workout efficiency.

You should stretch, it improves your balance, range, and flexibility, but it doesn’t have to come next; stretching can come last if you want, or be a separate event. Studies show stretching may even decrease the risk of injury—just know your limits. If you’re doing something new, don’t push let being loose and limber push you further than you’re really capable.

Stick to exercise you like, and that your doctor approves of. When you’re down, make time to cool your muscles down.

You’ve taken steps to maintain muscle health—but you might still feel the burn, especially the next day. To naturally soothe muscle aches, pain, and knots, keep drinking water and apply Dakota Muscle Relief to all your sore spots. With a hot then cold sensation, it helps ease aches so you can relax.

With whatever level of exertion is right for you, make sure to take care of your muscles and soothe aches with Dakota Muscle Relief.

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