Man bending over with back painFrom tension to post-work out cramps, there are a lot of natural ways you can ease the ache of sore, cramped muscles.

Prevention, of course, is always better than trying to solve a problem later (like when you’re trying to sleep but can’t relax or get comfortable). Drinking lots of water (especially if you’re outside, or being active, or both!) probably makes the biggest difference.

Another thing you can do? Stretch. The current wisdom is that stretching is good, but it’s best when it’s done independently of your workout. Yoga is a good way to give stretching the attention it deserves (and to keep it both thorough and deep with a myriad of options that keep joint pain away) since it’s a practice unto itself. In addition to keeping things limber, it can even help improve balance, leading to fewer injuries.

Once you’re sore, though, it’s time to find a fix. The trick is, one tight, sore muscle can gradually cause other muscles to tighten. In fact, if you regularly have trouble, with say, your back, it might not actually be your back’s fault (like a bad bed, posture, or back exercises). Make sure that you stretch all your muscles; in the case of lower back pain, it might originate as low as your feet (those shoe ads aren’t lying). Correcting bad shoes, then stretching ankles, calves, and thighs might be enough to correct back issues and pain.

If stretching isn’t enough (like with some aches and pains) or you need faster relief, make sure you have some Dakota Muscle Relief on hand. It’s all natural with recognizable ingredients, and won’t have that medicinal stink other products carry (just a brief burst of peppermint). It uses hot/cold sensations to get muscles to relax and to ease up on aches. Not only does Dakota Muscle Relief work great on aches, it can help with bedtime muscle issues, tension headaches, and sometimes even migraines.

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