sore-muscle-runnerIn our quest for better health, new things are sometimes necessary, and not everything can be as easy as taking a break with a cup of tea. Sometimes new hobbies use muscles that hadn’t been moved like that before, or added intensity to a workout or goal (like finally doing that marathon) can cause muscle exhaustion.

So be prepared, don’t let the side effects of meeting your goals deter you!

Start with keeping the fluids up. Forget the 8 glass a day “rule”; you get water from food, too, and how much you need (versus how much you lose) can vary day to day for the individual, never mind person to person. So always have a healthy drink on hand like water, caffeine free tea, or other sugarless options.

Stretch, but not before you do something new. Here’s the current opinion on stretch vs. injury: you need to stretch, but if you’re out of practice or new to either stretching or the activity, then you’ll at risk for over extending or otherwise injuring yourself. So stretch, but make it a separate activity until you get comfortable with both any new hobbies and improved flexibility!

Choose a natural way to ease the ache. Pain management is a hot topic, so it makes sense to try and start out with the easiest option, especially for everyday aches and pains. Dakota Muscle Relief has ingredients you can recognize, and helps with pains and aches (and even headaches and migraines!) with alternating hot/cold sensation (and none of that medicinal smell most people associate with rub ons!). You can use it to help keep sore or cramped muscles from disrupting sleep, to ease tension, or to tackle muscles that won’t stop complaining after some exercise. Spray it for quick all-over relief, or rub on Dakota Muscle Relief to also put a little pressure on the muscle.

Be prepared for some of the side effects of healthy changes and you’ll be more likely to make those changes a part of your lifestyle, through next year and beyond.

What hang ups hit you when forming new habits?


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