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Diet is key to weight loss; to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you eat. But if your goal is to improve your health, specifically the key to organ health, exercise is the most important thing. Why? There’s hidden fat inside your body, cushioning your organs that you don’t necessarily see visual body changes from improving, but managing that internal fat may be key to diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Research shows the best way to target it is with exercise, so no matter the strategy, make exercise key.

Choose the exercise that’s right for you. Not everyone has to hit the gym—there’s a place for routines like the old “Sit and be Fit”, or small lifestyle changes like walking a little more and sitting a little less. Many benefits from making exercise a part of their routine, rather than a blocked-out activity (for example, an after-dinner walk, physical weekend hobby, or exertive physical chore done regularly).

Calories and diet are still important, but exercise remains critical, too. Experts are everywhere in the age of online connectivity, and you’ll see them waring over exercise routines vs. diet plans. One ad will exalt a celebrity’s diet, while another will say the key to everything is a workout routine from a prominent instructor. The key is balance and doing a little better at each. Sometimes, gradual, more permanent results are better than fast, dramatic results.

To help you get moving, make sure you have support. If sore muscles and tension are holding you back, grab a bottle of Dakota Muscle Relief and relax. Even walking can make calves burn if you’re not used to doing it for a long stretch, so don’t let that slow your new healthy changes. Make sure whatever aches you have are soothed—whether it’s right after your activity, at bedtime when you can really pay attention to your body, or whether it’s not until the next day that you’re really feeling it—by relaxing muscles with Dakota Muscle Relief.


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