Winter Muscle Ache GirlWe’ve had a couple of snowfalls, but I’m still waiting for that big one where it will be deep enough for sledding!

Whether you love hot chocolate and ice skating, lunch on the slopes, a good cross-country hike, or if, instead, you despise snow but will still be out there shoveling, remember that what happens afterward is just as important as the fun you have.

And by that, I mean muscle relief. Between the cold, the action, and maybe a fall or two, once you come inside and start warming up you’ll feel every fun bump, rough landing, and minute spent working your way through the snow.

Of course, prevention does a lot. Drinking enough water throughout the day, wearing warm enough clothing, taking breaks to check in with yourself (because the cold can mask an injury or just fatigue), and taking appropriate precautions (staying within your ability, for instance). And remember, exercising regularly means you’ll be ready for fun if snow is just a yearly vacation for you!

Once you’re warming up, consider a hot bath or shower. It’s actually the traditional way to warm someone up who got too cold (although that’s usually a warm one, not hot). It can also really relax muscles that are sore and cold!

Then, ensure they stay relaxed (or get them there) with natural pain relief Dakota Muscle Relief. I like the roll-on because you can really attack knots as you apply it, but the spray has plus sides, too. It’s more hygienic for sharing, or if you’re trying to get a hard to reach spot by yourself. (I also like that it helps alleviate tension headaches pretty quickly—so if you didn’t drink enough water and are feeling tense, it’s a good place to start to get back on track.

In my experience, Dakota Muscle Relief works pretty quickly and on the first go—but if you’re really tight, (or just traditional have muscle troubles at night) re-apply before bed.

And if you need more, try herbal muscle support.

What’s your favorite winter activity?


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