Jump Start Your New Year’s Exercise


Dumbell ExerciseThe most popular New Year’s resolution seems to be to get in shape—but it also seems to be the hardest to keep. Gym visits peak in January and rapidly decline through February and March.

So get serious now, and jump start your exercise goals. The last weekend of the year is great for finding gym deals, but try something you can stick with.

-Thanks to the Great Recession, gym equipment is cheap and easy to come by on Craigslist and eBay. Something in your home is going to e easier to use than a gym membership (and easier to come back to if you lapse).

-Make a list of active hobbies for the new year. Overshoot and make the list long. Pick easy to plan things like a daily walk, and harder things like an outdoor trip. Don’t forget to add small, easy things that you can incorporate into your existing routine.

-Check YouTube for at home work out videos. It’s easy to pair YouTube with most new TVs and bluray players, or set up a laptop in your living room.

-Starting this weekend, plan on accomplishing one small thing each week day (parking farther away at work counts), and a bigger thing on the weekend. If you’re still weighed down by Christmas cookies, just sit down with next year’s calendar and make a plan for yourself!

-Finally, remember that good health and fitness are a lifestyle, not just a one time goal. Don’t try and make radical changes, just take a baby step in the right direction every time you think of it. Eventuslly you’ll have gone far.

What’s on your list to get moving in 2014?


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