Weight Training May Prevent Diabetes Symptoms


If you’re looking to lower your risk for developing Diabetes symptoms but have trouble with aerobic exercise, weight training may be just as good. A new study that men who did weight training 5 days a week 30 minutes a day—the same amount recommended for aerobic exercise—cut their chances of developing Diabetes symptoms.

Even if they only exercised an hour a week there was still a noticeable decrease in diagnosed Diabetes symptoms. Of course, aerobic exercise had more of an effect, and aerobic exercise combined with weight training the best chances of reducing development of Diabetes symptoms.

With increasing Diabetes rates across the country, studies, gadgets, and tips are coming from everywhere to help people cut their chances of developing Diabetes symptoms, which need to be countered with daily injections and blood testing.

If you already have Diabetes symptoms, some people have found success using apps on their phones or special watches to keep track of calories, exercise, and weight loss. Other people might find smaller lifestyle changes (like 15 minutes of weight training a day) an easier way to decrease their risk for diabetes Symptoms.

If you or someone you know has/had pre-Diabetes, what strategies were used to reverse Diabetes symptoms?


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